Feature Films

Elixir (2015)

Director:  Matthew Lipke

Screenwriters:   Matthew Lipke, Matthew Keim, Erin Lynn Doyle, Alyssa Hingre

Producers: Matthew Lipke, Matthew Keim, Erin Lynn Doyle, Micah Berman, Peter Limanek, and Joshua Miner

Starring:  Bob Bolyard, David Allen, Sandra Gartner, Ben Ash, Erik Milbauer, and Ula Klein

Genre:  Science-Fiction Action Film with an Environmental Edge (Eco-Thriller)

Release Dates:  May 1st, 2015 (theatrical), January 19th, 2016 (Blu-ray, DVD and Vimeo on Demand)


- Available Now!!!



By 2115, the world has been plagued by severe environmental disasters, civil unrest, anarchy and governmental collapse, and pure chaos.  Society no longer has easy access to the basic needs of survival, and everyday is a fight to survive.  Elixir chronicles the adventures and struggles of a group of three skilled individuals as they traverse the Northeastern United States in search of the new mega-dam, Elixir, built by the water-controlling and ruthless Mulholland Corporation.  Without technology or basic necessities, including water, to aid them our group must overcome extreme obstacles including disease, injury, internal moral dilemmas, and Skulks, the mercenary "peace-keeping" militia working for the Mulholland Corporation.


"Water for All... Life for All"


IMDb Page:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4332794/

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/Elixirmovie

Twitter Page:  https://twitter.com/elixir2015

Trailer #1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf4J5JKrcwk

Sizzler Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHYyH27H9ZU

A Demon In My View (2013)

Director:  Matthew Lipke

Screenwriters:  Matthew Lipke & Erin Lynn Doyle

Producers:  Erin Lynn Doyle, Matthew Lipke, Matthew Keim, and Aaron Stolicker

Starring:  Erin Lynn Doyle, Alexander Haima, Margaret Walsh, Robert Fullenbaum, James Walsh, and Aaron Stolicker

Genre:  Horror/Thriller

Release Dates:  July 11, 2013 (theatrical), February 25, 2016 (Vimeo on Demand)


- Available Now on Vimeo on Demand


Synoposis:  Leah, a freshman at Nolan University, is struggling through life, haunted by memories of her tragic past. 10 years prior, her parents were brutally murdered. The only clue left behind by the shadowy murderer was a quote by Edgar Allan Poe. Now, people in Leah's life are dying mysterious deaths, and once again Edgar Allan Poe poems are left at the crime scenes. Has the Dark Figure from Leah's past come back to haunt her yet again? Leah must make the connection between her past and her present, and learn to trust her instincts once again before it is too late.


IMDb Page:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2712658/

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/ademoninmyview  

Twitter Page:  https://twitter.com/DemonInMyView1  

Tugg Theatrical Page:  http://www.tugg.com/titles/a-demon-in-my-view

Tugg Non-Theatrical Page:  http://licenses.tugg.com/products/a-demon-in-my-view

Whiskey Hollow

Director:  Matthew Lipke

Screenwriters:  Matthew Lipke and Aaron Stolicker

Producers:  Matthew Lipke and Aaron Stolicker

Starring:  Erin Lynn Doyle, Aaron Stolicker, Matthew Keim, Morgan Noone, Matthew Lipke, Michael Watkins, and Marina Massaro

Genre:  Horror/Found Footage

Release Dates:  January 7, 2012 (theatrical), March 9, 2012 (DVD and digital download)


Synoposis:  A group of seven teens lead by Steve Cedars set out to explore and film the legends of Whiskey Hollow Road in a small town in Central New York. Armed with nothing but a few camcorders, they enter the woods not knowing what to expect. The student filmmakers begin to find blood trails on the road, a hanging noose, and other strange things that seem to correspond with the legends. As soon as one member of the group disappears they all start to panic. Tensions rise when bodies begin to show up, and when they discover there is no easy way out. The remaining members of the group must find a way out of The Hollow or find out who is behind the horror that lies within before it is too late.


IMDb Page:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2215755/

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whiskey-Hollow/148264681931584

Short Films

Room 918

Director:  Matthew Lipke

Screenwriter:  Matthew Lipke

Starring:  Ryan Skinner and Kate Stansfield

Genre:  Psychological Drama

Release Date:  April 27, 2013


-Winner of Best Narrative Short Film (Judge's Pick) at the 4th Annual University of Vermont Film Festival
-Winner of Best Film (Audience's Pick) at the 4th Annual University of Vermont Film Festival


Room 918 is a psychological drama mystery that follows a young man who seems to be caught up in a mind game with a mysterious woman who keeps leaving him notes that lead him to Room 918.  Can young Tim Palket get out of this endless nightmare and find out what is behind Room 918 or will be left in a dark world filled with guilt?  What is Room 918?!


Youtube Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2UgeDeC2VM

Vimeo Link:  https://vimeo.com/64960772  


Director:  Matthew Lipke

Producers:  Matthem Keim, Matthew Lipke, and Benjamin Landwersiek

Starring:  Erin Lynn Doyle and Collin Stage

Song By:  Matthew Keim, Benjamin Landwersiek, and Brianne Landwersiek

Genre:  Music Video (Horror/Comedy)

Release Date: August 2015


The official music video for the new song, Evangeline, written and performed by Matthew Keim and Benjamin Landwersiek.  Inspired by Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, Evangeline follows a young woman's obsession with a man. Her fantasies are poisoned by a ghostly butler who tells her to "correct" the man of her dreams.  Will she follow the orders of evil or will she show her true love?


Youtube Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kygmlLsGQU8

Vimeo LInk:  https://vimeo.com/136350903


Follow the Leaf

Director:  Robyn Bath-Rosenfeld

Screenwriter:  Robyn Bath-Rosenfeld

Producers:  Robyn Bath-Rosenfeld and Matthew Lipke

Starring:  Sam Lucci

Genre:  Documentary/Promotional Video

Release Date:  April 23, 2013


Synoposis:  Follow the Leaf is a promotional comedic video to promote a new program on teh University of Vermont campus.  Learn how to make The University of Vermont more sustainable by following the new Eco-Reps logo (Eco-Option).  Do your part in protecting our environment!  All you have to do is just follow the leaf!  Brought to you by your UVM Eco-Reps! Enjoy the extended version with more laughs!


Youtube Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u0W2lj9SvQ

Vimeo Link:  https://vimeo.com/65260463


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