Elixir (2015) DVD.  Own the original theatrical cut of this environmental action film.  Loaded with special features including a behind the scenes look at the making of the film, audio commentary with the filmmakers and actor Bob Bolyard, and more!  The fight for water...the fight for life begins now!

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Elixir (2015) - Blu-ray

  • Genre: Science Fiction/Action/Environmental

    Run Time: 104 Minutes

    Synopsis: By 2115, the world has been plagued by severe environmental disasters, civil unrest, anarchy and governmental collapse, and pure chaos. Society no longer has easy access to the basic needs of survival, and everyday is a fight to survive. Elixir chronicles the adventures and struggles of a group of three skilled individuals as they traverse the Northeastern United States in search of the new mega-dam, Elixir, built by the water-controlling and ruthless Mulholland Corporation. Without technology or basic necessities, including water, to aid them our group must overcome extreme obstacles including disease, injury, internal moral dilemmas, and Skulks, the mercenary "peace-keeping" militia working for the Mulholland Corporation.

    The fight for water...the fight for life...begins now!

    Directed by: Matthew Lipke

    Screenplay by: Matthew Lipke, Matthew Keim, Erin Lynn Doyle, and Alyssa Hingre

    Starring: Bob Bolyard, Dave Allen, Sandra Gartner, and Ben Ash

    Language: ENGLISH

    Not Rated

    Region Free

    Aspect Ratio: 2:35:1

    Number of Discs: 2 (Blu-ray)